Culture Digest(e)

in collaboration with Jeanette Hart-Mann

Steel, acrylic sheet, soil, clay, drip irrigation line and connectors, grass seed, plants


Culture digest(e) is a site-specific art laboratory that explores the waste stream of the University of New Mexico campus and its potential to be creatively diverted and re-imagined. Designed as an on-site passive solar greenhouse, the project functions as a repository where cultural artefacts such as office memos, newspapers, food waste, and landscape debris are collected and photographed. These documents are then transformed into digital still life images that investigate the cultural meaning of waste and decay. The accumulated material is then composted within the greenhouse and made into a readily available form of soil nutrient, or organic compost. This, in turn, is used by the laboratory for planting and building, as well as landscaping and community projects. As these processes take place, the project's regenerative designer will be present; managing the on-site laboratory as well as traveling throughout the University campus to facilitate the experience of cultural composting.

Exhibited at:

"Dispersal/Return: Land Arts of the American West 2000-2006" – University of New Mexico Art Museum, Albuquerque, NM, 2009