Drift # I

T. Fitzallan (Sheri Crider and Nina Dubois)

Hollow-Core Doors, Wood Glue


Drift # 1 is the first of a series of sculptural installations that transform materials destined for a local landfill to large scale sculpture. The artists share a deep dedication to sculptural production that is embedded in a discourse of climate change through a historical lens of materials and land use. Both artists’ grandfathers were notable in their resourcefulness and respect for resources. The artists’ use of the moniker, T. Fitzallan - a hybrid of the artists’ grandfather’s names, is to emphasize significant changes in the availability and the subsequent devaluation of materials in the last fifty years. Dubois and Crider are compelled by the examination of natural systems and the acceleration of impositions upon them. Industry driven surplus and waste offers a rich repository of colliding aspirations between competing demands of corporations, local businesses and the end use consumer. The monumental geological forms created with the discarded surplus of industry allow the artists, if only for a moment, to reconcile and reconstitute natural resources to a state of imagination and speculation.

Exhibited at:

"On the Edge of Your Seat: Chairs for the 21st Century", The Center for Art in Wood, 2016, Philadelphia, PA

“The Human Drift", SCA Contemporary Art, 2015, Albuquerque, NM

“SITE Scholar Alumni Exhibition", Peters Projects, 2015, Santa Fe, NM