Big Sky # II

Tissue Paper, Steel, Fishing Line, Plastic Bags


"Sculpture’s relation to landscape has primarily been two fold: traditionally ON the land, as figure on ground, or OF the land as Site and Earth works. This group of sculpture aspires to be AS the land. Resisting the tactics of 70’s artists who relied on displacement to bring the land inside, these artists seek the phenomenological common ground between constructed and natural environments. In these works the formal kinship of object to subject ranges from the mimetic to pure evocation, yet each presents on experiential opportunity to the beholder. Focused on the terrain rather than the map, these works assert the physical navigations necessary for the perception of sculptural objects as equal to the acts performed to locate oneself in the world. Each work is an anchor, a unique spot where the traveler pauses to ponder his or her place in the territory." - Steve Barry

Exhibited at:

"Sculpture as Analogy to Landscape", LAND/ART New Mexico - SCA Contemporary Art, 2009, Albuquerque, NM